God’s Omnipresence

He sees you. He sees me. He sees us. Every second of every minute of every day!

What are you doing while He is watching? Is He pleased with what he sees? For those of us who revere God, and are aware of His ability to be everywhere at once, does this affect what we say or do? Think about it for a minute.

As a parent, I often worry when my child is away from home, or away from my network of friends and family who I can trust to help keep him safe. As a teenager, I do not feel that he is adequately equipped to deal with the dangers of society. I worry that he will be led into avenues of thoughts or actions contrary to what is expected of him, that can ultimately lead to a compromise of his safety and well-being. As much as we would like this, we are not always able to be around them at every second of the day. We are at work or home. They are at school or play. We feel that they are not always within the confines of our protective custody.

It is in these times that our faith should be exercised to the point where we can be grateful for the omnipresence of God. If we really think about it, there is no one else that we can guarantee 100 percent, will be able to watch over and protect our children, to see them safely though their activities until they are back in our care. We shouldnt fear what is out there in society, if we believe that God is there with them. Where can they go, that God is not present? So, when other responsibilities or situations prevent us from being physically present with them, we should rest assured that the all-mighty, all-powerful God is with them. It is now such a comfort to me to know that when my son goes out, he is not  alone. He has the biggest and best body guard at his side at all times.

It is also important to let our children know that they are not alone. For some, they may feel happy to be away from their parents. They may think they can now do as they please. But, if we remind them that God is there watching and He sees everything they may try to hide from us, they might be less inclined to do what they know is wrong. Others may feel afraid especially if they are embarking on new adventures without parents being around to guide and protect them. They, too, need to be encouraged that they are not alone.

How we feel about the omnipresence of God, depends on our personal relationship with him. It might cause some of us to feel guilty, when we choose to do the wrong things, knowing that he is watching. I remember feeling so ashamed after doing something I knew I shouldnt have done. The shame was because I knew God had seen me, and must be so disappointed with my actions. As Christians, knowing that God is with us, should help to act as a deterrent for doing anything sinful. God’s omnipresence should also cause us to feel safe, knowing we have a God that is with us at all times. He promises never to leave or forsake us. In Psalm 23, which is perhaps my favorite bible passage, we are reminded that even when we go through the valley of the shadow of death, we should not be fearful of the evil around us. He is there!

Reflect on your behavior in the past week, day or hour. Perhaps you were driving, having a conversation on the phone, on social media, grocery shopping, at work, at school, or at the gym. Whatever you were doing, or whomever you were with, did your actions pass the ‘God is here’ test? Did He have to sit through your gossiping with a friend? Did He hear you arguing with your coworker? Did He see you stealing at the store? Would He have needed to cover His ears from the profanity you shouted at the driver in front of you?

The more conscious we are of the fact that God is with us at ALL times, the more we should be inclined to do what is right. We cannot say we have respect for God, if we continue to do what is wrong in His presence. It simply cannot be business as usual in the presence of the King. Once we acknowledge His presence, there should be a shift in the way we conduct ourselves. If we constantly fail to acknowledge His presence, or if we do what we want regardless, or if there is no shame when we do wrong, then we seriously need to examine our relationship with the Savior.

He sees you. He sees me. He sees us. Every second of every minute of every day!




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