Business Matters Part 1

Being the entrepreneur that I am, no blog would be complete without spreading the word C938Fm1XYAERnOtabout my business endeavors. I am one of those persons who feel that no idea that pops into this wonderful brain of mine should go unexplored. As such, over the years, I have found myself in some very unlikely ventures…simply because I was curious.

My brain works overtime with the countless possibilities of each venture. Those closest to me, know very well that no idea is an ordinary idea if I wrap my head around it. The possibilities I envision stretch from here to the moon and back! Even other people’s business ideas are not off limits. Whenever I am privy to some idea that someone has for a business, I go at it as if it were my very own. As such, I increase their own excitement as I add layers and layers of avenues that they can explore from a usually simple and mundane source of income. I have this selfless desire to see others achieve their goals, although it also gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to know that I played some role in their business development.

As with any true entrepreneur, my spirit isn’t dampened when I fail to reach my goal. I take the lessons learnt, and apply them to the next venture. That often increases the effort and intensity with which I approach next idea. So ultimately, each idea ends up being better than the former. Having said that though, some ideas are inevitably cast aside, not because of failure, but because I get bored. Like I said before, some ideas are explored merely because of curiosity and not because of financial need.

So how does one settle on one avenue of business with all these ideas floating around? Is it possible for me to remain committed and faithful to one fabulous and profitable business venture, or will I always be on the lookout for anything else that becomes available?

There are some ideas that I am working on at this very moment. They have yet to break the barrier from dream to reality. Just as a woman carries her baby in her womb until she is ready to give birth, so too do those ideas remain hidden from sight until the ultimate time. Nevertheless, they are being cared for and nourished. Even as that mother carefully plans for the baby’s arrival and beyond, so too am I making the necessary plans to ensure that these ideas lack nothing when they arrive. Every single detail is being methodically ironed out; each day new branches are being developed; all waiting for the day they finally bear fruit.

I thank God for the gifts he has bestowed on me. I am grateful to Him for a brain that works in such an excellent manner. It is also imperative that I remember Him in my business ventures, as He will be the driving force behind my success.

I will provide details of my current business ventures in a subsequent post called Business Matters Part 2‘. I hope they will inspire you to shop, like, sign up or share with others where applicable. I am always appreciative of those who support my endeavors. Also feel free to contact me if you have an idea that needs some development. I will be more that willing to take it for a spin and I am confident that I will be able to provide some valuable insight that you might have overlooked.

May we share in each other’s success!



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