Dear Future Me

You are awesome……Simply amazing!

You took everything life threw at you and transformed into a living, breathing work of spectacular art. Success oozes from your pores, causing those who come in contact with you to experience that distinct flavor of accomplishment. Nevertheless, you have remained humble; realizing that you owe all that you have, and all that you have become to your God who was with you every step of the way. You used the tools he gave you: the gifts, the talents, the family and friends you could count on, the other connections, to create the masterpiece you have become.

Now, here you are! You knew you would get to this place. You knew it was only a matter of time. You knew all the dreams and aspirations that you envisioned those many years ago, would eventually become as alive as you are. After all, they never left you alone. They kept your company when you were awake, while the world slept on. They were there when some turned away from you. They comforted you at times when all seemed lost. They gave you hope, that one day things would be much better. Sometimes, though, you had felt like they weren’t your friends. When you reached out to them, they skipped just out of reach. You could hear them breathing, you could smell their sweet scent, but they were always one step ahead….forcing you to chase after them. And chase you did! You finally caught up to them, and together you arrived at this place called Success.

You have no idea how proud I am, of the woman you have become.

But, don’t forget me.

Don’t forget my experiences which helped to frame the achievements you now enjoy. Don’t forget the confidence I had in your abilities. I was your biggest fan, your main confidante, your strongest supporter.

And don’t forget the others.

Don’t forget their invaluable contributions to your ultimate success. Don’t forget their concerns, their prayers, their commitment, their love, their unfailing support. They too believed in you. They too helped to shape the future you bask in today.


Enjoy who you have become. Enjoy what you have accomplished. No one deserves it more that you!

You are awesome……Simply amazing!


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